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Develop a monitoring plan

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Implementing CBMP monitoring plans at a field station requires that a monitoring plan is in place which it is recommended should address the following:

  • Questions and objectives to be addressed
  • Conceptual ecosystem models based on the questions and the species in your area
  • Suite of chosen indicator/ FEC´s, based on the above 2 bullet points
  • List of attributes and parameters to monitor
  • Description and map of geographical area and the nature
  • Description of baseline conditions (reference conditions)
  • Description of monitoring methods and basic protocols to use
  • Frequency of and responsibility for monitoring
  • Frequency of and parties responsible for assessments
  • Financial support required
  • Identify the intended audience(s) for the information generated
  • Make clear the links between the monitoring and management decisions

See here for an example of how one field station (RFS Field Station, Iceland) has developed a monitoring plan including the above components. A template to guide development of a monitoring plan is currently under development and will be amde available here once completed.