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User Manual: Implementing CBMP monitoring plans in the field

This User Manual is an online tool which guides the user through the stages needed to implement CBMP Freshwater and Terrestrial monitoring plans at INTERACT stations. The tasks required and the tools that need to be developed during each stage are explained, with templates and examples provided. It is intended as a living online tool which will be updated as new directions, developments and opportunities arise; and lessons learned used to evaluate progress and reflect changing priorities on a regular basis [this website tool is under construction and subject to change].

  • Step 1

    Decide what questions to answer and what to monitor?

    The CBMP Monitoring Plans identify key elements for each ecosystems, known as Focal Ecosystem Components (FECs) where changes in FEC status likely indicates changes in the overall environment. Deciding what to monitor is also crucial when determining what management and science questions your programme would be able to answer ...... Read more

  • Step 2

    Decide where to Monitor

    Implementing CBMP monitoring plans at a field station requires that a monitoring plan is in place which it is recommended should address the following: Questions and objectives to be addressed; Conceptual ecosystem models based on the questions and the species in your area ...... Read more

  • Step 3

    Build your Team

    A successful research station is built on cooperation between a variety of actors and institutions. Each individual case will vary but in general it is recommended to link up to national monitoring programs which in many cases will be able to provide ...... Read more

  • Step 4

    Develop a monitoring plan

    Effectively implementing CBMP monitoring plans at a field station entail that the field station should have a clear monitoring plan ...... Read more

  • Step 5

    Develop a Data management plan

    A key step in ensuring that data generated at a field station informs CBMP monitoring and assessment activities is the development of a data management plan ...... Read more

  • Step 6

    Make your data available

    To ensure that data collected at a station might be submitted to inform Arctic Council monitoring and assessment activities ...... Read more